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The Atlantean Date Converter is a fun tool for converting Earth dates to Atlantean dates in the fictional, imaginary timeline from the exciting, multi-genre, bestselling series The Atlantis Grail by Vera Nazarian.

For example, want to find out your Atlantean Birthday? Simply enter your full Earth date (month, day, and year required for accurate conversion) and time (optional) in the form above and the Atlantean result is displayed automatically.

NOTE: The converter doesn't go further back than April 12, 10,502 BCE because that date translates to Day Zero on the Atlantean Calendar and there are no earlier dates before that.

To enter dates BC/BCE, use a negative number for the year. For example, to enter the year 345 BCE enter "-345" in the form.


Aeson — Blue Amrevet 21, 9751 / September 9, 2023 (Atlantean Astrological Sign Coming Soon!)

George — July 24, 2029 / Red Pegasus 25, 9756 (Leo)

Gwen — May 25, 2030 / Green Amrevet 9, 9757 (Gemini)

Manala — Yellow Amrevet 4, 9758 / April 22, 2032 (Atlantean Astrological Sign Coming Soon!)

Gordie — February 7, 2033 / Green Mar-Yan 2, 9759 (Aquarius)

Gracie — August 14, 2034 / Red Amrevet 25, 9760 (Leo)


Light Feast (Blue) — Blue Ghost Moon 10

Burning Night (Red) — Red Pegasus 22

Gold Harvest (Yellow) — Yellow Ghost Moon 26

Flower Day (Green) — Green Mar-Yan 18

Landing Day (Green) — Green Amrevet 1

New Year's Day — a ghost day after Blue Ghost Moon 26 and before Green Amrevet 1 which is Landing Day.


Qualification begins on Earth (beginning of Qualify) — March 27, 2047 / Green Mar-Yan 4, 9770

Gwen Lark arrives on Atlantis (end of Compete) — Green Amrevet 22, 9771 / June 1, 2048

The Games of the Atlantis Grail Commencement Day — Green Mar-Yan 9, 9771 / July 14, 2048

Imperial Wedding Day — Red Amrevet 9, 9771 / September 12, 2048

Asteroid strikes Earth — November 18, 2048 at 2:47 PM (EST) or 6:47 PM (UTC) / Red Mar-Yan 17, 9771 at 11:17:00 of Ra (Poseidon Time)


Below are the 16 Signs of the Atlantean Zodiac followed by the month with which they are associated.

  1. Void Bakriku (Vulture) – Green Amrevet
  2. Ice Astroctadra (Four-Point Star) – Green Pegasus
  3. Snow Anubawan (Jackal) – Green Mar-Yan
  4. Water Miewu (Cat) – Green Ghost Moon
  5. Vapor Leontar (Lion) – Red Amrevet
  6. Air Sebeku (Crocodile) – Red Pegasus
  7. Smoke Sesemet (Horse) – Red Mar-Yan
  8. Fire Delphit (Dolphin) – Red Ghost Moon
  9. Magmatic Draguos (Dragon) – Yellow Amrevet
  10. Lightning Uum (Owl) – Yellow Pegasus
  11. Electric Aixi (Swan) – Yellow Mar-Yan
  12. Magnetic Shuut (Feather) – Yellow Ghost Moon
  13. Radiant Kheprio (Scarab) – Blue Amrevet
  14. Gravity Uraeus (Serpent) – Blue Pegasus
  15. Quantum Depet (Boat) – Blue Mar-Yan
  16. Starlight Akhet (Horizon) – Blue Ghost Moon

The in-depth personality profiles and descriptions of each sign are currently being serialized exclusively on the author's Ream and Patreon subscription platforms. They will be published in the TAG reference fan guide The Atlantis Grail Zodiac. In addition, all the major characters' birthdays and signs are listed in the reference People of the Atlantis Grail.



Click below to download a high resolution full-sized Atlantean Year Calendar (designed by Nancy Huett):


Click below to see full-size geo-political maps of both hemispheres of the colony planet Atlantis!

The Upper Hemisphere (Upper Face Hemisphere, also known as the Lower Shadow Hemisphere).

The Lower Hemisphere (Lower Face Hemisphere, also known as the Upper Shadow Hemisphere).

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